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This 4 part story is based off of one of the oldest comic book stories known to DC comic readers!
The Dominators then show off their power to disintegrate the President and then turns on a device to mind control the whole team to destroy Barry.
The team train and fights against the aliens, the aliens are known as dominators.Oliver then tells Barry hes really done it this time, hes come to him for his help and then they end up up the creek (which is so true every time).Barry then introduces Kara to the others but are all not convinced code promo déco à gogo that shes an alien.Watch episode 8 trailer, tHE flash episode 8 season 3 watch online.Supergirl then guides the team to the location while Oliver and Barry stay behind.They kill the president and control the super heroes with a device.4 Part Crossover Event To Be Continued on Arrow on Wednesday November 30,2016.The team then gets notification the Dominators have the President (Jerry Wasserman) Cisco who finds the recording then confronts Barry about him keeping things from the rest of the team, so because of Sara/White Canary (Caity Lotz) demanding to know what is being kept from.Barry then speeds to Star City where Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle/Spartan (David Ramsey) are tracking down Vigilante (Mick Wingert) when they make contact with Vigilante he sends off rounds that wouldve killed both Oliver and Diggle but Barry saved them both in the knick.

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Jax (Franz Drameh) demands proof, so Kara does her heat vision to make her symbol on the floor leaving her mark on Star Labs hangar.
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When Supergirl and Barry return to see everyone is back to themselves they get abducted by the Dominators, Barry then speeds to Oliver trying to get him before he is abducted as well but is an inch too slow leaving only Barry left to rescue.She then tells Team Flash about the alien race that Barry came in contact with which are known as The Dominators.Stein (Victor Garber) and Jax both feel they need to tell Barry about a message that was given to their old captain Rip Hunter.Shantel VanSanten 50 votes, dr Martin Stein 49 votes, sara Lance 26 votes, zoom 23 votes.4 votes Nora Allen 4 votes Julian Albert 3 votes Henry Allen 3 votes Linda Park 3 votes Malcolm Merlyn 3 votes Cecille Horton 3 votes Nora Allen 2 votes Ray Palmer 2 votes Captain David Singh 2 votes Tony Woodward 2 votes Dante Ramon.