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Structures and code promo jacques prevot stabilities of the radical anions of substituted benzenes".
27 Birch reduction with electron withdrawing substituents edit In contrast to the examples with electron donating substituents, the case with withdrawing groups is more readily obvious.
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"Steroid hormones and the Luftwaffe.19 Subsequently, Birch, in a lapeyre promo fenetre review article, 20 noted that no experimental method at the time existed that would distinguish the correct mechanism.Next, a second electron is transferred to the radical to form a cyclohexadienyl carbanion.249 Guo,.; Schultz,.

Some applications in synthesis".
With CC-C-CC in a six-membered ring with negative charge).
Burnham in 1969 concluded that protonation is unlikely to occur predominantly at the ortho position and the reaction most probably occurs at the meta position but may occur at both sites at similar rates.
21 22 Experimental testing and computational verification edit Then in 19method was finally devised to experimentally assess whether the anisole and toluene radical anion protonated ortho or meta.
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