Reduction avdb

reduction avdb

Velocity Aircraft Makers of the Velocity XL and other homebuilt aircraft. .
Challenger Ultralight Challenger II Trainer Challenger Special Challenger II Special Dealer: semo Air Sports Quikkit Corp.
Excalibur Aircraft Utilizes high strength, lightweight aircraft quality materials to provide a durable, dependable, and cost efficient lightweight ultralight/experimental aircraft. .
Flightstar Sportplanes Flightstar ultralight or experimental tractor aircraft kit.All composite parts are pre-formed and exterior parts are gel-coated. .Commander 147A - Kit, Two seat, Rotor, Composite tube, Trigear, Gyroplane Commander 447 - Kit, Single seat, Rotor, Composite tube, Trigear, Gyroplane Commander 503 - Kit, Single seat, Rotor, Composite tube, Trigear, Gyroplane Commander 582 - Kit, Single or tandem seat, Rotor, Composite tube, Trigear.Windward Performance Offering a high performance ultralight (FAR Part 103 legal) sailplane called the Sparrowhawk.A/W 95 - Plans, Single seat, Rotor, Metal tube, Skids, Helicopter G-1 Helicopter - Single seat, Helicopter, Tube, Ultralight Kestrel - Single seat, Helicopter, Tip-jet Scorpion I - Single seat, Helicopter Scorpion II/133 - Two seat, Helicopter Skylark - Single seat, Helicopter, Metal tube War.JSC Orlaivis, kits and assembly in Lithuania.Aerocomp Inc 11 designs of 2 to 10 place quick build composite kits.The New Kolb Aircraft Home Page The designs include the Laser, Slingshot, Fire Star, Fire Fly, and Mark III.Buyer's Guide for Ultralight Aircraft, this reference book shows over 200 ultralights, trikes, powered parachutes, gyros and vintage code promo sport elec ultralights.Falcon Gauge Manufacturer and supplier of aircraft instrumentation for the experimental aircraft market.Flitplane Homebuilt Ultralight Aircraft Plans Offering plans for the Flitplane Ultralight and the Home Deopt Ultralight: Motorglider 101.Helicycle A single seat, 850 pound gross weight helicopter with an 11,000 foot service ceiling.

"The 170 knot 'SUV' of the air." The Hatz CB-1 Page CB-1 plans, books, parts lists, tips, photos, events.
Windrose glider Nice site by a homebuilder of the Windrose glider. .
Europa Club A group of individuals who are building a Europa kit aircraft, own a flying Europa, or are simply interested in the Europa type.
Information about homebuilt aircraft and flying, VFR flightplanning, weather, regulations, and aircraft.If you are thinking of building your own, this will give you a feel for what it takes. .Brown Aviation Tool Supply.F-1 Rocket - Two seat, Low wing, Metal, Tailwheel Team Tango Tango 2 - Two seat, Low wing, Composite, Trigear Tennessee Valley Aviation Products BD-4 - Four seat, High wing, Metal, Trigear Titan Aircraft Tornado U/L - Single seat, High wing, Ultralight, Composite, metal fabric.Aero Sport Power Specializes in manufacturing new aircraft engines and overhauling specific models and accessories for experimental aircraft. .Hummingbird - Four seat, Rotor, Composite metal, Quad gear, Helicopter Dealer: Sector 9 Helicopters, Austrailian Distributor Vintage Ultralight Lightplane Assoc.Tim Webber - Challenger II Experimental A construction chronicle by a builder.350 mph cruise, turbo normalised LS1 Corvette engine, elliptical planform wing, carbon fiber reduction gearbox.

Belle Aire Aviation, they troubleshoot and correct "problem" homebuilt aircraft, especially rigging, aerodynamic modifications, and electrical systems. .