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They will be taken to the load menu screen where the player will have a chose to pick either a New Game or one of three possible save games.
Final Fantasy III Edit NES The title screen features five windows draped over a black background.
The options available are New Game, Continue, Tutorial and Sound.The letter S and P appear in front of End Layer, so code de reduction notino it says Send Player.The title screen of the iOS version is identical to the Android one, with the exception of the added option "Shop".Unlike the SFC and PSX releases, the title screen usually plays with "Prelude" instead of "Main Theme of Final Fantasy V".The bottom screen has the options Start and Options, and features the game's logo drawing of Sherlotta in her cat form and a crystal.The options available are New Game, Load Game, Gallery and Options.Along the staple New Game and Load Game are Continue and Cloud Data.Menu options remain unchanged from.x.Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Edit This title screen features a black background with flames rising from the bottom, with the game logo swiftly burned into the foreground from left to right.Final Fantasy XIV Edit Final Fantasy XIV/Legacy Edit The title screen features the logo over a white background.The background featured is of the night sky and the moon slowly passing.Main article: Title screen gallery.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit Depending on the current holidays or game-related happenings, the title screen may change thematically.
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To see the title screen, the player can either wait for the introductory cinematic federation photo concours to end or skip.
Final Fantasy xiii-2 Edit Similar to Final Fantasy xiii, the logo appears on a white background, with New Game, Continue, downloadable content, Beginner's Primer, Extras, and Settings underneath.Below this is the New Game/Continue selector, which can be navigated by means of the button and the D-Pad.Final Fantasy X-2: International Last Mission Edit The title screen features the logo draped over pictures of the protagonists, circular glyphs and stone carvings.The options available in this screen are Continue, New Game and Load Game.The options available are New Game and Load Game.Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit Android and iOS The title screen features the game's logo over a white background.Extras has the Bestiary, which shows all the enemies killed in one save file.In the lead up to the title, the music grows louder and more ominous before a choir chants " Kefka." PlayStation The title screen features a black background with a random character sprite walking around (this can be any playable character, including guests).Located right below the logo of the game is the New Game and Continue option.

This option made its first appearance in the GBA release.
Platinum Demo Final Fantasy XV Edit "Somnus" plays on the background with a close-up of Carbuncle against a sky.