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The changes may result in a greater reduction in employee numbers than we had previously expected.
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71 Return Mummy's Head 71 Return Mummy's Head The mummy lost his head.She had a breast reduction last year.The gas company has announced price reductions for all customers.Police said they had noticed a significant reduction in crime last year.VOI Va UNV Vaf UNV Vf unooi Za UNV VOI?I havent noticed any significant reduction in the performance of my car since switching to unleaded fuel.82, mummy Tombs 82 Mummy Tombs, description.The budget forecasts a deficit reduction.That is made smaller than the original one opposite enlargement 4 uncountable, countable (chemistry) the fact of adding one or more electrons to a substance or of removing oxygen from a substance compare oxidation 5a sauce made by boiling a liquid until it becomes thick.More Info, physics-Based Logic - Poor bomb needed a vacation and booked a ticket.A reduction in costs The report recommends further reductions in air and noise emissions.

I asked for a reduction as the dress was damaged.
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Guests staying 14 nights will receive a 10 reduction.