Code reduction house of cb

Threes and eights - Signoff- Best wishes.
Knuckle Buster - Fight.
United CB Truckers Association Ungowa Bwana -.K.
Shim - To illegally soup up a transmitter Shoot the breeze - Casual conversation.QSK - Another Ham term, reformatted for.Johnny Law - Cop John Law - Cop "J" Town - Jackson, Tennessee J Trail - CB Jamboree season Juke Joint - Small, inexpensive eating or drinking place.Dice City- Las Vegas Diesel Digit -Channel 19 Diesel Juice -Fuel oil Dime Channel -Channel 10 Ding-a-ling -Goofy or bad operator.Jack Rabbit - Police of any kind Jam - Deliberately interfere with another station.

Antler Alley -Deer crossing, appliance Operator -Non technical reduction big fernand person who knows how to turn the rig on, and thats about all.
Kicker - Linear amplifier.
Breaking the ol needle- Strong signal Bring it back -Answer back Bring yourself on it- Request to move into the right lane Brown paper bag -Unmarked Police car Brush your teeth and comb your hair-Radar trap ahead BTO- Big Time Operator Bubble gum machine- Flashing.
Flight Man- Weigh station worker on wheels.Drag Your Feet-Wait a few seconds before transmitting to see if there is a "Breaker" Dream Weaver- Sleepy driver who is all over the road.QRT - Off the air; Signing OFF.Go Back to him - Talk to him.One chip does it all compared to the "olden" days where a separate transmit and receive crystal was required for each channel.12, 1966, 80 Stat.10-12 Visitors present 10-13 Advise weather conditions 10-16 Make pickup at_ 10-17 Urgent business 10-18 Anything for us?Bikini State -Florida Bit on the seat of the britches -Got tagged for a speeding ticket Blackn White- Cop Blackn White Cber -Cop with CB in his car Black Ice -A patch of iced over blacktop road.H Town - Hopkinsville, Kentucky Hung Up - CBer who cant leave set Hundred mile coffee - Strong coffee I Im gone - Leaving the airwaves, or frequency.

16, 1962, 76 Stat.
Green Stamps - Money Green Stamp Collector - Police with radar Green Stamp lane - Passing lane Green Stamp Road - Toll road.
"My rig puts out 5 watts".