Cdg40 concours 2018

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Not surprisingly, the small proportion of problems that require more than basic knowledge of C are done poorly (or by someone else).
I think that the following question from the Mercury Support forum neatly illustrates one of the major problems with LoadRunner.
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Even though the code performs a simple operation, its complicated, and requires knowledge of how C stores data in memory in order to implement.
Correlation is one of the fundamental LoadRunner scripting skills; and LoadRunner novices are usually not very good at it (which is expected but people who think they are LoadRunner experts are sometimes not very good at it either.
Every problem (or something very similar) has been seen in the wild while I have been creating scripts for LoadRunner.
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Also, you should have a go at the previous scripting exercises.Lire la suite, forum de la Mobilité et des Parcours Professionnels 2019.When I looked in the extended log the value is in number format like (43251) but during submission it is converted into dollar format 43,251.00.Lire la suite, envoyer cette page par courriel.If there are any mistakes in my code, it just proves my point even more.

Click and Script vuser type but there will always be web applications that will require you to perform manual correlation when scripting.
Fortunately, the level of skill required for most problems is not very high, and everyone muddles along as best they can.