2000 kawasaki concours specs

Proof that first impressions are not always accurate.
Heaven help you if the surface is slippery or it's been raining.
Wheelbase.2 inches, suspension, Front 41mm fork with adjustable preload, suspension, Rear.Mated with the preload adjustable 41mm forks and the air/rebound adjustable rear shock, the ride can be easily dialed in to suit most any rider's needs.Electronic, starting, electric, transmission 6-speed with Positive Neutral Finder, frame type.(North America) 81-86 Nm - Europe 0 to 100 km/h 4,4 sec Top speed 216 km/h (134 mph) carburetion system Type Carburetor, 4x Keihin CVK32 ID drive train Clutch Wet, multi-plate Transmission 6-speed Final drive Shaft Primary reduction.732 Final reduction.708 Gear ratio.At one point I looked down and realized I was going 60mph.I haven't given it a thought since.The extra smoothness so derived may compromise gagnant du grand concours des animateurs a few ponies, but the chain-maintenance blues are one less headache to face.The fairing offers excellent wind protection and comes in real handy on those chilly morning rides.Cooling System, liquid, carburetion, keihin CVK32 x 4, ignition.In 2007 it was replaced by the larger displacement.Code : ZG1000-A1 1987, europe, North America, name : Kawasaki enceinte bluetooth cadeau entreprise 1000GTR, Kawasaki Concours.The old girl may be showing a touch of gray, but she still has the gams to go in today's riding world.

Getting this bike on the center stand especially when packed for touring, is almost an exercise in futility.
I've ridden this bike on every type of road imaginable and the Concours has yet to throw a curveball my way.
You know, you'd think as long as the Concours has been around that Kawasaki could have done something about the center stand.
Despite the fact that it has been toned down for said touring purposes, there's still power a-plenty.Despite being adjusted all the way out, a stout squeeze will practically bring the lever to the bar.Okay, I feel better now.Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZG1000 Concours) Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZG1000 Concours) Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZG1000 Concours) Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZG1000 Concours) Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZG1000 Concours) Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZG1000 Concours) Videos Kawasaki GTR1000 (ZG1000, Concours video.In 1994 Kawasaki updated the instrument cluster, forks, controls, front fender, front brakes, and the front wheel.Distance: 10 miles20 miles30 miles40 miles50 miles75 miles100 miles150 miles200 miles250 miles500 milesZip Code.Locking compartments in the fairing come in handy for stowing smaller items.In fact, on warm summer days, you almost need to stand up on the pegs to catch the breeze.The process requires timing, grace, and concentration, coupled with brute force.